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F8 anaconda hangs on install

So I want to install F8 today. I download the 64 bit dvd, extract the boot.iso image, burn it, boot from it and choose hard-drive installation.
Next...anaconda is doing the same old thing it did in F7. Hang.
More precisely , it hangs (right after the welcome screen) when it does the "findrootparts" step. Anaconda just uses the CPU 100% and...stays there till i get tired of it (20 minutes i've waited) Fedora 8-Test1 and Test 2 (never installed Test 3 from the dvd, just upgraded using yum) were installed (from the dvd image,cleanly not upgrade) without a problem. F7 release had the same problem (F6 didn't).

The problem is this:
I have a evga nForce 680i motherboard.
I have a lot of hard-disks in my case. 2 of them are setup in RAID 0 mode using the RAID controller on the motherboard. I know, I know, its a sucky controller,it needs dmraid to function,etc. However, this is the setup, and 300$ for a real hardware raid is not worth it. Now, I have my OS(s) partitions (fedora included among others) on the RAID 0 hdds. I want to install F8 there. Booting with nodmraid is obviously not an option.

The main question is: Why did the test releases of Fedora installed fine (detected properly the raid partitions and works fine), and the release doesn't? Is there anything I can do? (a boot option, a command i could run in the console?)

Right now I am running the test release and hoping to convert it to the stable release (and follow only those updates). I have disabled the fedora-development.repo and ...hope for the best.
I have not tried the Live cd's yet.
I would love to cleanly install the release version of Fedora 8.
Can anyone help me? Please?

Thank you,

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