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Re: long wait...

On Fri, 2007-11-09 at 14:48 -0600, Frank Cox wrote:

> My only other real concern is Adobe acroread, because I use that to create
> plates for offset presses and unfortunately none of the open-source PDF viewer
> programs seem to be up to the job (so far).  I was just reading a write-up on
> Adobe's website that talks about this issue and it seems that acoread can also
> be made to run even though it's a 32-bit application.

The 32 bit Acrobat runs fine under 64-bit.  It can run 32 bit as well,
that is why 32 and 64 bit libraries get installed.  It is just hard to
mix 32 and 64 in one app without serious hackage.

Just make sure you get the very latest Acrobat.  There is a problem with
earlier ones having problems with the version numbering on the latest
versions of the Gnome libraries.  (They expect the version number to be
2.x, not 2.xx.)

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