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Re: How to get mail to local destinations delivered?

Chris G wrote:

I do something a little more educational.

What I do is, first, choose my own top level domain. You've already found problems with using someone else's domain, such as your IAPs.

It isn't "someone else's domain", it's mine!  I have used a perfectly
good way of telling my domain's main host that there is a subdomain

Calm down, it's hard to tell from whois.

I own (in various senses) several domains, but I don't use them my side of my gateway to the Internet.

This is total overkill for my actual requirement (which maybe I
should have stated at the outset), I simply want mail to root on my
Fedora machine to get sent to me rather than having to become root to
read it.  No other mail is sent or read on this machine.

Edit /etc/aliases
run newaliases



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