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Re: Which kernel for 4GB RAM?

On Mon, 2007-11-12 at 10:59 +0000, ne... wrote:
> On 12/11/2007, Alexander Volovics <awol home nl> wrote:
> > When installing F8.i386 on a machine with 4GB RAM which
> > kernel should(can) be used (to see and use all RAM).
> >
> > Reading the info on the fedora wiki I get the impression that
> > kernel-PAE is necessary for > 4GB RAM.
> >
> > But how about <= 4GB.
> > Will the standard kernel also support 4GB RAM?
> Do not quote me on this but I think I have read somewhere that the
> standard kernel may not use or see all the RAM. Therefore I think you
> should use the PAE kernel for >3GB and the normal kernel for
> everything else.

You're correct - and you *can* quote me on this one as someone using a
system with 4GB RAM.

The standard kernel does NOT see all of the RAM - instead it will
recognize about 3.2GB. In order to see all of the RAM on the machine,
you must either use the PAE kernel or run 64-bit. If using the PAE
kernel, don't forget to install both kernel-PAE and kernel-PAE-devel.

BTW - once you do a few things (see the release notes about 32-bit
plugins for Firefox, for example), 64-bit F8 in 4GB RAM seems to run
quite nicely...



In theory there is no difference between theory and practice.
In practice there is.

--Yogi Berra

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