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Re: F8: Gnome goes Windows? root logins

Todd Zullinger wrote:
You will likely run into other issues running as root and you won't
get a lot of help from this list when you do, as using root for your
desktop user is not a well supported or tested (or recommended)
Would perhaps having someone only ever log in as root into the desktop give some time honoured "foo" that it is not going to automatically destroy the system ? If a fault {other than user sillyness - eg deleting /} can be generated while logged in as root user - wouldn't it make sense to confirm that the fault doesn't extend to normal user logins - and if necessary actually fix the fault ?

{sure; don't surf for internet crud on an unpatched os / browser, with flash ,java, js active with no firewall and selinux off as _any_ user}.

By the way, I wonder if Russel's security only via selinux _strict_ policy play machine [1] would stand up with a root gui interface ?

[1] http://www.coker.com.au/selinux/play.html


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