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Re: f8: NetworkManager + runlevel 3 problem

Dario Lesca wrote:
Il giorno ven, 09/11/2007 alle 08.13 -0700, Charles Curley ha scritto:

Here's the problem: NetworkManager (NM) and the network "service" are
incompatible. If NM is running, it will obliterate the setup the
network service, so running "service network restart" gets you only
temporary relief.

then NM It should not be a services but an application started when a
user do login in init 5 to help user with wifi network.

Why NM is a system service if conflict with network service?

As I understand it, one should use one or the other.

reread the subject of this thread.

If nm is going to manage the network, it has to be running whenever the network is required, and it has to be able to configure the network according to actual users' actual needs.



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