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Re: upgrade F7 to F8 problems

On Mon November 12 2007, Matt Hirsch wrote:
> I just got this error as well. "rpm -e --nopostun ..." works. So
> --noscripts would work too.
> I've been using Fedora since FC1, and I've never run into an obstacle
> in upgrading that required more effort to solve than wiping the system
> and doing a fresh install! And that said, it's only gotten easier with
> later versions of fedora...

Thanks, I had filed a bugzilla and gotten that --noscripts suggestion within 

To Kam: yes, there are good reasons for clean installs, so what??? 

There are also good reasons for upgrades, and I chose the latter -- I'm happy. 
It took me under an hour to fix a couple of issues after the process, and now 
my machine is exactly configured as it was before, without my having to go in 
and rebuild all my many months of configurations and customizations which 
normally can take many hours, and usually, more than that - days...

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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