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Re: Extra drive

Darren Foster wrote:
> Hi All
> Firstly thank you in advance for any advice that is forthcoming....
> I have an old pc that i have chucked a 250GB hard drive in and installed
> FC7 (I THINK!) anyway i hope to add a networked drive to the home
> network and basically have drive letter H: show up on all the pcs on the
> home windows network so that everyone can store some files on that spare
> drive. Obviosly i want drive H: to be on the Fedora Box.
> Can anyone expain how to do this or point to a guide that will walk me
> through it with some hand holding?
> Best regards,
> --
> Darren Foster
What you want is called Samba. There is a lot of documentation on
http://www.samba.org. In order for it to show up as drive H: you
will also have to do some configuration on the Windows machines.


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