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Re: How to get mail to local destinations delivered?

Tim wrote:
On Mon, 2007-11-12 at 19:24 +0000, Chris G wrote:
Ah, I'm beginning to understand, mail to 'chris' and 'root' works, but
sendmail would appear to add a hostname to what's sent by an MUA and
anything with a hostname after the username is sent out, which doesn't

Hmm, this sounds familiar.  Somewhere along the line of setting up
networking on one of my boxes, it got a FQDN set where there should just
be a hostname.  Then sendmail was adding the domain name onto the end of
that.  Naturally, this didn't work.  And I got some peculiar error

e.g. What happened:
     my intended hostname:  machine
     my intended domain name:  example.com

     actual hostname:  machine.example.com
     actual domain name:  example.com

     Services making up a FQDN from the given information, came up
     with:  machine.example.com.example.com

I haven't seen any evidence that that's happening to Chris; sendmail seems to have the correct idea of its own name, but for some reason it's not delivering mail to itself when Chris thinks it should.

Running sendmail with magic incantations involving -d will probably tell Chris what it's doing. I've used it, and despite the current man-page's assertion I did not read the source code to find what to do. I think they're documented in the sendmail-doc package. I found them in a book by Paul Vixie, but that book's not where I am, and it is now very old.

Google might know.



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