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RE: looking for suggestions


it's not a dell optiplex issue.. it's the drivers for sata/ati radeon in the

if the drivers/kernel correctly handled the sata drives used, then you
wouldn't have to modify the linux start attributes, or the bios!!

but yeah, it's worth it to get fc8 on the system. i did the same thing to
get fc8/centos5 working on an optiplex 320.

however, in my case, i didn't need to do anything regarding the video. but i
was also on a regular lcd, and not doing anything seriously strenuous..


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On Nov 13, 2007 6:15 PM, Craig White <craig tobyhouse com> wrote:
> That was a rather poor experience (the last time I fiddled with
> ati/fglrx and livna) but nothing I am doing is working so I am going
> down this path again...

Go down that path. I also have a 320 and this time all I had to do was
install lilo, livna yum repository, and xorg-x11-drv-fglrx. Of course
pci=nomsi and acpi=off kernel options too. That's it. Not quite as
painful as 7 but it still sucks that these 320's don't work right.

C Lance Moxley

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