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Re: fedora 8 boot up time

On Wed, 14 Nov 2007 20:42:32 +0530
"Rohan Kulkarni" <rohan sjce gmail com> wrote:

> Hello,
>          I just installed fedora 8.I checked the boot up time.It came
> to 92 seconds.I then removed some of the services and the boot up time
> came down to 50 seconds.But still this is a long time.How can I
> further reduce the boot up time?

Make a big deal about how awful the boot time is and say you are
switching to openSUSE 10.3? (The openSUSE folks actually did cut
the boot time down dramatically).

If enough people do this, maybe the Fedora guru's will decide to
show up openSUSE by making boots even faster on Fedora. :-).

On a more serious note, I get the distinct impression that an awful
lot of time wasting stuff is happening in the initrd script. It seems
to be spending a lot of time searching for LVMs or raids and wot-not
(I don't have any, but it has to wait for my external USB drive
to spin up to find that out :-).

New in Fedora 8 I now get a message on each boot about not finding
some selinuxfs filesystem (I don't have selinux enabled).

I have this feeling I could delete about half the stuff in the
initrd script and double the speed at which I boot, but I haven't
tried the experiment yet (and even if it worked, I'd have
to keep doing it over and over on each new kernel update).

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