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Re: F8 and NX server

Joachim Backes wrote:

after upgrading from F7 to F8 (has an installed and re-installed nxserver-3.0.0-74 from nomachine), the connection by nxclient to to such a F8-sever is rejected:

See the attached png for details.

Somebody has similar problems?

Make sure the nx account is unlocked (passwd -uf nx).

Enable sshd and selinux logging. See if any errors are logged. Sometimes the permissions on the key files need to be adjusted.

When uninstalling, delete the nx directories and the nx user manually, just to be sure everything is wiped before re-installing.

I had the nomachine nxserver working on an F8 server, so it is possible. (It's not active at the moment, however, so I can't check the configs for your).

Fedora + nx/freenx always seems to be horrible struggle. I hope the Fedora maintainers can spent some effort in making it more robust.

It's awesome when it works, though, compared to vnc!

- Mike

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