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OT: Computer's electrical outlet

Not strictly a Fedora question, but where else will I find a willing
audience of brains?

A fried lives in the university dorms. She has two electrical outlets
in her part of the room, both on the same fuse. One has a splitter
which powers her computer, LCD monitor, printer, cellphone charger,
speakers, and maybe something else. The other powers the room's
refrigerator, electric kettle, microwave, and maybe something else.
Not everything is in use at the same time (the computer is always on)
and somehow the 10 watt (220 volt) fuse handles it all and even a
small electric heater to boot.

Here's the question: is there any disadvantage to plugging the heater
into the computer's electrical outlet splitter, as opposed to the
other one? As mentioned, they are on the same fuse. I noticed that
when the heater is started and stopped the speakers make a popping
sound. Is this harmful to the computer? (fire hazard notwithstanding)

Thanks in advance.

Dotan Cohen


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