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Re: OT: Computer's electrical outlet

alan wrote:
> The one piece of kitchen equiptment that has caused me the most problems
> is a toaster.  I used to blow fuses at my old house all the time and 95%
> of the time it was the toaster that pushed it over the edge.
> With that high of a load, I wonder if the breakers work at all.
Toasters tend to be a high-draw appliance, but they do not produce
the startup spike that a microwave or a motor produces. Now, when it
comes to breakers, there are many different types. The most common
types in the U.S. are the thermal over-current and the magnetic
short-circuit types. The better types, like the Square-D QO line
have both in one package. The magnetic trip is great for protecting
against short-circuits, but do not do well against overloads. The
thermal trip types are great against over-current, but are very slow
to react to a short-circuit. One of the worst examples of this were
the old FPE breakers. You could vaporize anywhere between 1/4" to
1/2" of screwdriver before one would trip. On the other hand, the
did offer fair overload protection. (I can remember a 60 amp QO
breaker feeding a temporary panel trip before a 20 amp FPE breaker
that was the only load, when someone dropped a beam on a cord
plugged into the outlet. I was surprised that the breaker tripped
before the cord burned clear of the beam.)


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