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video turns off just when os starts services when booting F8 after fresh install

I've recently upgraded my F6 to F8. The install finished ok but when the computer boots it gets to the boot loader, finishes and starts booting up the kernel and then when it gets to the point where it show the type I for Interactive boot and just after it starts the udev service, the screen goes blank and never returns. There was no indication during the setup that there was a problem with the video card (I installed using the graphical installer by the way).

I'm a bit stumped because I can't really even look at any logs files or anything because the screen goes blank before it finishes booting up to Gnome. I tried maybe secure shelling in but that doesn't work either because maybe ssh service might not be turned on by default or something, not sure. I don't even know if the system finishes starting other services or finishes other booting-up procedures because the screen just goes pitch black just when the os starts turning on services. I'm attempting to reinstall i rescue mode now but don't know if this will help resolve the issue. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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