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Re: Frequency scaling not working

Ryan Campbell wrote:
> Hi, I have a santa rosa based laptop ( Fujitsu T4220 convertible ) with
> at 2GHz processor. In Fedora 8 (and the latest Ubuntu, Mandriva, and
> Suse distros) the processor is permanently stuck at 800MHz. Trying to
> manually change the frequency and governor using cpufreq-selector and
> echoing values in /sys does nothing.
> An interesting thing that I noticed is that the frequency scaling does
> work for a few minutes after the laptop wakes from sleep, and then goes
> back to not working.
> I've run out of things to try and I can't figure out if it is a bug or
> something I am doing wrong.
> Has anyone encountered this or have any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Ryan
One thing I noticed is that I have to load the acpi-cpufreq module
in order for it to work on my Toshiba. Figuring out why and filing a
bug report is on my todo list, but will probably have to wait until
I update to F8.


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