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ZynAddSubFx freezing on F8 KDE. Verification request

I open Qjackctl, start jack, then open ZynAddSubFX on KDE. CPU useage jumps to 
100%, difficult to move mouse pointer, and it's virtually impossible to do 
anything with Zyn...  .  If I click on boxes to open child windows in Zyn, 
they take ages to open. If I click on a box, then minimize Zyn to the panel, 
the CPU useage drops to normal, the child window opens ok, and I can adjust 
parameters, select a patch to use, etc, with no problems, and can play sounds 

If I then restore Zyn's main window to the desktop, the CPU useage again hits 
the roof.

The same problem is there on F7, and I asked on several lists about it, and 
also posted a bugreport, but as of yet unresolved.

ZynAddSubFx works ok on F7 under Gnome, but not under KDE, and I havn't tried 
it under Gnome on F8, but expect the same result.

Zyn has always worked fine pre F7, and also on my Debian, Kubuntu, and 
Slackware installs. I thought it might be something to do with Lash, which is 
now a dep, but FC5 has Lash as a dep, and Zyn works ok on that.

I'd appreciate anyone using KDE on F7, or F8 trying out ZynAddSubFx, and see 
if they see the same problems as I do.

Gratefull as always for any verification of this problem.


KDE version is 3.5.8-7.fc8 Fedora
Machine i686

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