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Re: ZynAddSubFx freezing on F8 KDE. Verification request

Nigel Henry wrote:
I open Qjackctl, start jack, then open ZynAddSubFX on KDE. CPU useage jumps to 100%, difficult to move mouse pointer, and it's virtually impossible to do anything with Zyn... . If I click on boxes to open child windows in Zyn, they take ages to open. If I click on a box, then minimize Zyn to the panel, the CPU useage drops to normal, the child window opens ok, and I can adjust parameters, select a patch to use, etc, with no problems, and can play sounds ok.

If I then restore Zyn's main window to the desktop, the CPU useage again hits the roof.

The same problem is there on F7, and I asked on several lists about it, and also posted a bugreport, but as of yet unresolved.

ZynAddSubFx works ok on F7 under Gnome, but not under KDE, and I havn't tried it under Gnome on F8, but expect the same result.

Zyn has always worked fine pre F7, and also on my Debian, Kubuntu, and Slackware installs. I thought it might be something to do with Lash, which is now a dep, but FC5 has Lash as a dep, and Zyn works ok on that.

I'd appreciate anyone using KDE on F7, or F8 trying out ZynAddSubFx, and see if they see the same problems as I do.

Gratefull as always for any verification of this problem.


KDE version is 3.5.8-7.fc8 Fedora
Machine i686

Have you made sure that arts is disabled in KDE? I've found that it is pretty useless and can cause problems when trying to run sound apps.

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