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Re: dnsmasq for caching, now: fedora wireless "out of the box"

Thanks for suggestions. At present, my machines are separate. I have to unplug 
the router from the one machine, carry it into the other room, plug it in and 
boot. The machines don't talk to eachother. I use the second computer only to 
watch DVDs in the bedroom.

Any ideas, anyone, while on the networking topic, what wireless cards work 
with fedora?

I read an article on the web that said that there are some wireless network 
cards that work with fedora "out of the box". I bought one about a month ago, 
some kind of d-link pci card, spent an entire evening with ath0 and madwifi 
and friends, and finally gave up in utter frustration and returned the thing 
to the store. I want something I can just plug in "out of the box".

My ISP provides me with a DSL router that supports wireless, so my main 
computer is attached to the wire and the second would be wireless. Both would 
be connected, then, to the router and through the router to the internet, but 
not connected to each other.

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