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/proc/acpi problem 2.6.23

hello all

I have 2 elderly-ish laptops:
a Dell inspiron 2100 and a toshiba satellite 3000-x11.

Both have been running fedora since core5 perfectly happily.
The Dell is now on Fedora 8 and the Toshiba is on Fedora 7.

Ever since the update to 2.6.23 neither has recognised its battery being present. When i remove the ac on the Dell it still thinks it is on ac, when i remove the ac on the Toshiba it shuts down. The other problem is that fan control for the Dell has failed allowing it to overheat and shutdown if doing anything requiring lots of cpu activity.

In /proc/acpi/battery for both there is no entry for BAT0 and BAT1 is reported as not present.

I note that "power_supply" and "battery" modules are not loading but modprobeing these makes no difference.

Could somebody enlighten me as to what might be causing this?

thanks in advance

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