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Re: Layer 7 Load Balancer

Luc MAIGNAN wrote:

My problem : I have two mails servers and I want to distribute incoming mails to a server depending of the domain (e.g. somebody domain1 com to server1 and somebody domain2 com to server2)

Uh, why? Is there some reason DNS won't do what you need? With 2 separate domains, just point your MX record to the correct server.

Or am I missing something obvious here?

> No, because the MX of the two domains points to the same IP (services
> are dispatched behind this IP)

Nothing at the IP level can distinguish inbound connections for the different destinations and they are all going to be connecting to port 25. However, you can configure sendmail at that IP address (or wherever you direct port 25) to accept for both domains and relay to the other one at an address specified in mailertable. The problem you'll have with this is that the first machine won't know the users on the other domain and will relay everything. If you get a lot of spam to non-existent users, then the real server will reject them and the relay will have to construct and try to deliver a bounce, clogging up your queues. To avoid that you might use virtusertable to list all the valid recipients at the other domain and a default rejection if they don't change too much, or something like MimeDefang which can check the real host for the recipient via smpt before accepting at all.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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