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Re: OT: server equipment to choose

Strong wrote:

I've never heard of zSeries computers. Do not think we will be able to
find them in our computer stores. So we have rely on what is accessible
for us. Thank You much for Your advice in any way.

You won't, you don't get the best kit from your local shop. You buy these from IBM. A few years ago, someone ran over 40,000 Linux guests on one, just to see whether it could be done. A hundred or so is more usual.

It would be well worth joining this list, http://www.marist.edu/htbin/wlvindex?LINUX-390 to ask about hosting on one. Note, this is a technical list, not very different from this one.

IBM Global Services does hosting, probably some there know of others who do to.

Software available is likely to be anything for RHEL or SLES, you might find someone running Debian, and some the usual high-end commercial software too.

It is very likely you can get a hosting package on zSeries that costs you less than owning your own server, and you don't have to provide the data centre, the communications network, or the support 24/7.

One of the nicer points is that, if you need more capacity, it's ready for you.

Properly configured, these systems don't go down.

See http://ibm.com/zseries



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