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Re: firefox and youtube droppings

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
  fairly recently, i've noticed a couple annoying bits of behaviour
that appear to be related to running firefox when there's a youtube
image embedded in the web page being displayed.

  first, if the displayed page has a youtube image and i refresh that
page, what i notice, up in the top left corner of my desktop, is a
sudden "flickering" of whatever happens to be there, in exactly the
dimensions of a youtube image.  it doesn't matter where the browser is
on the desktop, or whether the youtube image is even *visible* (it
might be scrolled down) -- i'll get that same flickering, and always
in the same place -- top left of the display.  (if that instance of
the browser is displaying a page without a youtube image, no problem.)

  and not as frequently, when firefox eventually (and *inevitably* i
might add) finally just grinds to a halt (memory leak?), i'll just do
"killall firefox-bin" and, occasionally, it will leave a youtube image
sized white rectangle on the desktop, and there is absolutely nothing
i can do to get rid of it short of logging out and restarting the
desktop entirely.

  that white box is visible across all four virtual desktops, and
behaves as if it's sitting on top, so any client i move across it gets
wiped as long as it's underneath.

  is anyone else seeing this?  it's kind of annoying.


p.s.  this is on a gateway laptop with an ATI video chip, if that

Can you give an example of such page?
Are you using radeon driver or fglrx driver for your ATI card?

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