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Re: Can Java just shoot me?

David Boles wrote:
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Tom Horsley wrote:
So, I have to access a web page that only works if I have
Sun's java plugin (yes, I've tried icedtea).

I've looked at all the instructions
I could find for getting java on Fedora, and they all
start with some simple little tossed off phrase like
"Get the rpm from java.sun.com".

Has anyone ever visited java.sun.com? Its a freaking
nightmare! I thought Microsoft's jargon was dense, but
Sun seems to be suffering from jargon envy and trying
as best they can to catch up.

The only two acronyms I've heard that maybe I need are
either JRE or JDK. But on Sun's download site, I'm offered
a maze of Java EE, Java ME, Java SE, with a equally
uninformative gibberish under each of those categories.
No jre or jdk to be found anywhere in the top couple of
layers of the web site.

Are there any Java instructions out there which actually
provide a map for navigating Sun's web site to find "the"
rpm to download? (A walk-through for the install Java
game :-).

Duh? This took about 10 seconds.

Start here. Follow the prompts. Either one goes to the same page.


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There are a few gotcha's that are always there and I have no idea why. As was said go to the Sun web page and hit the big button and if you want to you can get a ...rpm.bin package. I always do that and then get confused.

Since it is a .bin file you run it with sh and say yes you understand the thing is copyrighted and then the bash file loads the entire java on your computer. It ALSO makes a REAL rpm file which is useful sort of :-)

I used rpm -i --test and it told me that java is already installed. I will use the rpm that was made on the other two systems.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User
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