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Re: bcm4318 - Can It Work with Newer Kernels?

On Wed, 2007-11-21 at 10:50 -0500, John W. Linville wrote:

> One or both of us is confused...
> If you are using ndiswrapper, then it does not matter what (if
> anything) you have in /lib/firmware.  I can offer you no support
> with ndiswrapper.
> If you are in fact using the bcm43xx driver, then you must use version
> 3 firmware, extracted with bcm43xx-fwcutter.
> If you are using b43legacy then you need version 3 firmware.  If you
> are using b43 then you need version 4 firmware.  In either case,
> whether the firmware needs to be extracted with bcm43xx-fwcutter or
> rather with b43-fwcutter depends on exactly which kernel you are using.
> If you got a message that you needed version 4 firmware, that suggests
> that you are using the b43 driver.  It is not clear to me exactly
> which kernel you are using.  What is the output of 'uname -r'?
> You mentioned FC6.  I must recommend that you move forward at least
> to F7.  FWIW, you will find much better support for your 4318 there.
> F8 is better still.
> Hth!
> John
> -- 
> John W. Linville
> linville redhat com

uname -r shows:


This is the "old" kernel where ndiswrapper works. When I upgraded to a
newer (and all newer) F6 kernels, ndiswrapper no longer works. First I
received error messages about mismatched versions of iwlist (or
wireliess tools). I've installed at least 5 newer kernels (keeping the
one that the wireless works). I don't get the original error message but
then started to get messages about firmware. (ndiswrapper was updated to
the latest version - I expected everything to continue working after
updating the kernels and other files). 

Will ndiswrapper work with the version 3 firmware under F8?

I tried an F8 live distro but still could not get the card to work
(probably because I don't know how to get ndiswrapper working with a
live distro given you can't save things.)


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