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Re: Filesystems Not Mounting

First off, let me thank everyone who responded and helped me solve this
issue.  Going forward I will try not to carry over definitions and ideas
from prior releases of Fedora.

For Karl's comments below:
If you ever set-up a machine to be used as a true server, you will probably
need to set-up multiple partitions.  The beauty of LVM is the ability to
expand and compress file systems as the need arises. However, you wouldn't
normally have as much on a single machine as I do - but when I use this
experience when setting up a server I don't have these issues.  This is
also the very first time I've run into the need to define filesystems in a
specific order.  I'll bet that change wasn't in the release notes from
Fedora Core 6 to Fedora 7.  I hadn't realized, until I read the comments
that solved my problem.  Fedora 6 doesn't care in what order you define
your file systems, but Fedora 7 does.

For Aaron's comments below:
That never occurred to me in the past - it just worked.  So what ever code
that creates the filesystem order in the fstab doesn't seem to work as well
as in the past.  If you had looked in my SysVG00 you would see the /usr was
defined last so that it would be easier to get all of the remaining space
in the volume group.  Going forward I will need to make a note about
defining my file systems.

Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>     Hi Gene, I have had the great good sense to use the older ways to
> mount Linux systems and Fedora. I have learned to put boot and my own
> directory into partitions so I can use them for other things. But the
> system you have is almost impossible to follow. But I will try.
>     I have no idea why anyone would put part of /usr in one partition
> and another and another and another... But that is what it did. And the
> partition names are odd. But this explains what your talking about.
>     Your /etc/fstab tells me I have no business trying to help you
> because I do not know the first thing about your system. It has helped
> me however, because I have thought about setting up a Fedora system like
> that. Now I know I never will :-)

Aaron Konstam wrote:
> I would be amazed that you could mount /usr/tomcat before /usr in the
> fstab and then be able to see /usr/tomcat. I would also be interested if
> you can see /usr/tomcat when you boot.
> --

Gene Poole
gene poole macys com

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