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Re: Frequency scaling not working

Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
> Under Fedora 6 (which my laptop is running), I have the CPU Frequency
> Scaling Monitor running in the upper menu bar.  Lately (ie, after a
> recent kernel update) its been telling me that my processor frequency
> scaling is no longer supported.  Odd because it used to be supported.
> I was looking into the applets options, it can monitor CPU0 or CPU1.
This did not help the OP, but in your case, I would try loading the
acpi-cpufreq module. If I remember right, it had to be loaded before
the module you are using for frequency scaling. (On demand in my
case.) At least when I ran into the same problem as you, that fixed
it for me. I don't believe that loading it after works, but that was
a while ago. I was always going to look into it, and do a bug report..


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