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no protocol specified problem with Fedora 8

I've run into a problem when remotely connecting to a test Fedora 8 
machine with VNC and trying to run some programs. 

>From the menus, it will prompt for the root password, but then nothing 
comes up. Running the command from the command line will come up with 
the no protocol specified message, or sometimes bring up a text mode 
version of the program 

Strange thing as an example. gedit will generally work with the logged in 
name, but afer doing a su, it will sometimes work, and other times not giving 
the no protocol specified, and that it can not open display :79.0

As another issue I've found, is that boincmgr gets and error message when 
trying to run on the machine main interface with both user and root id. The 
boinc program itself runs fine. The boincmgr can be run from a vnc 
connection with no problem. I found this error mentioned in the forums a few 
months ago with a beta version of Fedora 8, but no solution. The only 
solution was to use a windows machine to manage the fedora 8 connection. 
Not sure what the difference is.

I currently have 20 machines in my lab running Fedora 6, and was looking at 
upgrading to Fedora 8. The system is fully updated.

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