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Re: PUP - Insert CD?

Sam Varshavchik wrote:
Bob Goodwin writes:

In an up to date F8 I am prompted to run PUP, it proceeds to view the updates and when it gets to "apply updates" requests that I insert "Fedora 8 (disk 1)?" I suppose I could try the DVD from which it was installed but update from the command line works and I prefer it anyway.

Here's a pop quiz for you: see what happens when you click on that big "Manage Repositories" button.

Apparently I'm missing something here?

All I get is "Update details," "Apply updates," and "Quit."

"Manage Repositories" may come up on another screen or perhaps the problem is that presently I am looking at it from an F7 computer?

I just booted the F8 computer, it immediately displayed the PUP screen and after being told to do the update shows as above plus a large "Insert CD" error message which does contain "Repository Manager!" I somehow missed that ...

Clicking on that tells me it is stymied by "InstallMedia Fedora8." Clicking on "Add" brings up a form requesting information that requires a "new repository." I could research that further but the GUI looses its element of convenience at that point. Curiously "yum update --exclude=tetex*" works without any error message. That will do until I find what to add to the repo list. This no doubt is the result of an upgrade from F7 to F8. I haven't done an upgrade in a long time and thought I would give it a try when I was offered the option from the DVD installer.

Thanks for the help.

Bob Goodwin

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