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Re: Frequency scaling not working

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Ryan Campbell wrote:
As an update, I came across the program cpufreq-info and it gives me
this output:

"# cpufreq-info
cpufrequtils 002: cpufreq-info (C) Dominik Brodowski 2004-2006
Report errors and bugs to linux brodo de, please.
analyzing CPU 0:
 driver: acpi-cpufreq
 CPUs which need to switch frequency at the same time: 0 1
 hardware limits: 800 MHz - 2.00 GHz
 available frequency steps: 2.00 GHz, 2.00 GHz, 1.60 GHz, 1.20 GHz, 800 MHz
 available cpufreq governors: ondemand, userspace, performance
* current policy: frequency should be within 800 MHz and 800 MHz.*
                 The governor "ondemand" may decide which speed to use
                 within this range.
 current CPU frequency is 800 MHz (asserted by call to hardware)."

This is repeated for CPU1.
It looks like the problem is the line,  "current policy: frequency
should be within 800 MHz and 800 MHz.". That doesn't make any sense.

Is there any way to manually change the 'current policy'?

My memory is not working today - did you check the settings in
/etc/sysconfig/cpuspeed? The other thing to keep in mind is that
there is more then one way of controlling the CPU speed. Some CPUs
support 1 of the 2, some both. (And some don't support it at all.)

I did check it too see if there was anything obviously wrong, but I couldn't see anything. After I read your message I decided to try setting the MAX_SPEED from blank to 2000000 and the MIN_SPEED from blank to 800000, in case cpuspeed was not picking up the right values automatically. No luck.

It seems like there a lot of people with Core2Duos (and probably santa rosa based ones) that work perfectly fine, so is it possible that my Fujitsu T4220 simply has a non-standard ACPI (or something) implementation? I've actually come across a few people on various forums that have the same laptop and the same problem as me. If that's the case, do I just submit a bug report?

Thanks again,


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