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Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse Slowdown FC8

Hello everyone,
I am using an apple bluetooth mighty mouse, and a apple bluetooth
keyboard (not the new super-thin one) under FC8.  I never used them in
linux, only OS X, but I really liked them, so I purchased a Kensington
USB 2.0 bluethooth adapter for my pc.

The very first time, and only the first time I used them together, they
worked great.  Ever since then, the mouse will work fine for a few
minutes, the keyboard will work ok, but the key response is slow, then
the mouse will beging to get jerky too, sometimes I'll hit a key on the
keyboard and it will act as if it is stuck.

Has anyone ever expereinced anything like this?  The adapter is about
1-2 meters away from the keyboard and mouse, so I feel like it's not a
range issue.  The pc I am using is plently powerful to support a setup
like that.

Oh yea, the log files, at least the ones I am examining, don't give any
useful information, as they don't provide any errors.

Anyone else use the wireless mighty mouse, or the apple wireless

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