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Re: IDE adapter for FC System



I'm looking for a IDE adapter ( non-raid ) for connection between pentium PC and a 500GB HD...
So, I want to know which IDE adapter does the FC 6 System support...
Would you mind give me comment ? Thanks !


Ed Greshko wrote:
edwardspl ita org mo wrote:

Would you mind to tell me which IDE adapter ( 3ware / promise ) model it
can support the main board ( old model ) mount more than 150GB HD ?

All of the mind readers are on holiday until sometime in 2008.

If you *really* want someone to help you...and I'm not sure how much work
you've done to help yourself...the least you could do is tell people what
"old model main board" you are talking about.  You may even want to define
what "FC" means as there have been several releases of FC...and now we are
on the second release of "F".

Besides, since you are not new here, you should already know what
information you need to supply when looking for help.


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