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Re: Configuring NVidia 8600GT for a proper 1920x1080 over HDMI

I just have to bring this thread back alive because my machine is doing the same thing with my Samsung 1080p DLP.

I have no Full Pixel option and cant figure out whats going on, its even clipping my console before i start Xwindows.

What I do know
1) This is a 1080p TV and i have a 6800GT going DVI->HDMI
2) Using Windows XP and setting this machine to 1920x1080 works perfectly, i see the entire desktop.
3) Using the Mythdora MythTV release worked fine at 1920x1080(although if i remember i had to do some scaling with their tool?)

I have the latest Nvidia driver installed as well.

This is really getting me frustrated, it shouldnt be this difficult..as much as i dont want to go back to Windows XP due to the crashing..i never imagined i would have so many problems with Fedora 8 just setting the stupid resolution.

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