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Re: Codeina: Intriguing idea, but...

On Thu, 2007-11-22 at 08:29 -0700, Christopher A. Williams wrote:
> I understand the "legal compromise" intended with Codeina in F8.
> But of note, there's only 1 vendor you are directed to if you'd like to
> purchase a codec.
> Now - let's put arguments aside about if you should/shouldn't buy a
> codec for the moment. What provisions are being made to allow being able
> to buy codecs from multiple vendors - essentially facilitating
> competition and choice?
> Will we see more than one?
> In the meantime, I'm still probably headed over to Livna (and VLC or
> MPlayer) for my codecs...

If you use the Fluendo codec, you have obtained a legal, licensed codec,
suitable for use in any environment including commercial.

If you use the ones from Livna, you are potentially at risk of
license/royalty infringement.

Me personally, I use mplayer and friends for video and xmms-mp3 for mp3
files.  I tried the Fluendo codec and liked it just fine, but using the
other ones appeals to the civil disobedience streak in me.  >:-)


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