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Re: Bug #372011 (or: how we could help with anaconda beta tests)

On Fri, 2007-11-23 at 17:01 -0200, Andre Costa wrote:
> Believe me, if I was sure that I could test anaconda in read-only mode
> I
> would gladly do it, at any step before the official release. Chances
> are that test coverage would improve considerably, and no installation
> would be touched during this process.
> Does this make any sense to anyone? Would this help? Is it already
> possible somehow?

Why don't you try the all-mighty Xen for this? You could also try
VirtualBox or VMWare... I don't know. It seems fairly easy to test some
fedora installation in read-only mode with these tools.

I'd suggest to make a fedora 7 installation on one of these and then try
to upgrade it to fedora 8.

There are also some techniques to "import" your hd image to these pieces
of art... err.... software!

# Xen Quick Start

# VirtualBox Website

# VMWare
Google it!

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