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Re: [Fedora-xen] Re: unionfs question

Richard W.M. Jones wrote:

Richard, crossposting like that's thoughtless. I only got the one to -xen-[1], where Christoph is unreachable. Since Christoph isn't on the list, he wouldn't see my response.

Christoph Höger wrote:
I have a more general question about unionfs:
I want to build a xen machine with a save base-image and a temporary write image that can be saved or thrown away on demand. So I thought about using unionfs to mount both these images as /. The problem is: unionfs does not mount images but directories that are already mounted. So I would need to mount those two images somewhere else. Obviuosly this would happen somewhere above / (e.g. /workimage and /rootimage). Could unionfs handle this?
Or is there even a better way?

LVM + snapshots.


BTW, there is a fedora-xen list for discussion of Xen issues.

There is, but this doesn't seem to me to be a xen question; take xen out
of it, and the question still stands.

That said, there is z xen solution documented in
/usr/share/doc/xen-3.0.3/pdf/user.pdf " 6.3 Using LVM-backed VBDs" in my
Sl5 system. Read the information for the version of xen you're running.

[1] It's the way Mailman operates, unless configured differently.



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