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Fedora install/upgrade how to

After the exchanges on this list over the last day or so I have made a
web page with a how-to for the way I do install/upgrades. It is at:


I hope that this will be of use to a few people - I am sure it could
be made much better but it is a first stab at a how-to, and will give
a reasonable guide to getting Fedora upgraded. Of course there will be
gotchas for some combinations of hardware and there are standard
guides on doing various methods of the install detailed in official
Fedora documentation - but my web page gives an overview of what I
find is necessary and this will act as reading in addition to the
standard and widely available material, rather than a standalone
guide.  In addition it will presume that the reader is not a complete
novice but has used Linux before.

I hope this is useful


mike cohler

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