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VDQ : gnome-system-monitor

	I always put the monitor on my bottom panel -- the one in System 
Tools, with an icon of a zig-zag curve, yellow on green, with four 
buttons to the right of it. 

	Sometimes a right click on that icon will give me a choice of 
preferences; and if check several, the icon will turn into a display of 
the loads on those. I find that helpful.

	Sometimes, however, there is no preferences choice, but only a 
properties choice; nothing I can do to that one, including editing the 
preferences after opening it, will make the icon become the display. 

	This has been true of the last several Fedora releases; any given 
machine will have one or the other, but never both nor a choice between 
-- even though I run the same Fedora release on all machines.

	The one that shows Properties says its command is gnome-system-
monitor; the other gives me no way I can see to find out the command it 

	Why are there two, and how can I choose??

Beartooth Staffwright, PhD, Neo-Redneck Linux Convert
Remember I know little (precious little!) 
of what I am talking about.

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