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Re: sha1sum problems :-( [SOLVED completely, I hope]

Marko Vojinovic wrote:
Anyway, thanks to all who helped. I am not acquainted with the readahead bug from the past, and I do not know if this is its reappearance, but since there exists a definite way to checksum the disc, I am not going to look into it further. Too much other things to do... ;-)
Since you can read the discs properly with the rawread script, you're not being affected by the readahead bug here. I'm fairly sure (someone correct me if I'm wrong) that even assuming the readahead bug doesn't exist, trying to read a disc with "cat /dev/dvd" isn't guaranteed to work. I believe that the readahead bug has returned, probably with the 2.6.23 kernel - see my bug report


but unless the CD/DVD drive is also vulnerable to it, people won't see it on their hardware.

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