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Re: a paper I can't find...

Mike Chalmers wrote:
Years ago there was this paper written by a man who lost his job
because he wrote the paper. The paper was an uproar in the Linux
community. I cannot remember but I think that the paper was about why
Microsoft is wrong, among other things concerning Microsoft.

Wrong about what? I'm sure Microsoft has been wrong about more than one thing. There was Hotmail, for example. Someone might have lost his job over that. Microsoft Bob.

If you can think up a few key words, you could aim google at theregister.co,uk with is pretty sure to have report it, and AFAIK they've not removed anything. Ever.

Can anyone tell me where I can find this paper please, it is pretty
important that I find it? I know this is the Fedora list, but I don't
know where else to post on it where I can get a good response.

Best Regards,



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