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Gene Heskett,
>> First thing Patrick, is to learn how to write a presentation, making proper 
>> use of punctuation and grammar.

Craig White:
> Let's not have grammarians on the list please. If this list is going to
> denigrate to the point where misspellings and grammatical transgressions
> are to be called out and chastised, I wouldn't want to stay around.

To some point I agree, however that letter - like one or two others we
see from time to time on this list - is awfully confusing as to what it
really means.  E-mails for help do need to be clearly understandable, at
least, even if not brilliantly typed.

That one reminded me of the software brags we'd see for the old Amiga
software in the 1980s.  Either written by some German who hadn't
succeeded in translating to English, or some young teenager who'd never
have made it through school.  Some of it was just plain bizarre.

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