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On Nov 26, 2007 11:54 AM, Eric <spamsink scoot netis com> wrote:
> At 02:29 AM 11/26/2007, Frank Cox wrote:
> <FC>>>>>Accordingly, Gene Heskett's response was completely appropriate in
> this particular instance.<<<<<
> Yeah, maybe.
> I have a colleague who is highly intelligent but couldn't find a coherent
> sentence with a flashlight and a bloodhound.  He happens to suffer from ADD
> and dyslexia.  Load him down with meds and all his creativity goes right
> out the window.
> Anyway, as someone else here said, the purpose is to communicate.  I was
> able to understand Patrick's message perfectly.
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most replys just made me laugh. if you rate form higher than content
you are wrong on a technical list. second of all english is not the
centre of it. most native english speakers i know have hard times to
even say "good morning" or "hello" in a foreign language but yet they
have to show how much superior their ability is with  the only
language they talk. wow you specialized and that really impressed me
*rolls eyes*.

maybe it would make sense actually to just count heads and use the
native language of the biggest crowd as common language... that would
make you rethink some of the above comments i bet. (we would maybe end
up with spanish or chinese in the future...).

also i am pretty sure most of the punctuation freaks above dont have
anything else constructive to contribute to this or any other thread
they reply with those comments.

too the poor guy complaiing about german amiga freaks: just learn
german if you think the effort a hobby developer does to even document
his code in a not that good english, that even you can understand it
halfway annoys you.

Rudolf Kastl

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