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Re: ip masquerading/subnets

bruce wrote:
hi john...

i might be missing/lost some emails... so let me start at the very
beginning!! bear with me if you find yourself repeating something you've
already stated...

my initial system (two boxes, nothing between them)

windows                       linux
box1     ----- >>> ------      box2 >>>>>> (future separate lan box)
  eth0    (wireless)      ath0      eth0

eth0 -

ath0 -
eth0 -

from box1, i can ping
from box1, i can't ping

from box2, i can ping box1 (

so, what do i/should i do to connect/ping box2/eth0 from box1?

The linux box is now a router and from the point of view of box1 ath0 is just another gateway. box1 needs to know about any routes available to it and it apparently already has a default route which points to your first router. default routes are the ones taken when the desired desitination ip is not already specified in the routing table(0). Since you know where is you can add a specific route for that and, in fact, since you want to add a future box to that lan, and assuming it's a /24 bit netmask, you would use something like this:

(as root)
/sbin/ip route add via dev eth0

Mike Wright

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