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Les Mikesell wrote:
Rudolf Kastl wrote:

most replys just made me laugh. if you rate form higher than content
you are wrong on a technical list.

What's the point of a 32-bit OS in this century? And why the blackhat name which is well-recognized as something else already?

All our home computers and all our work computers are 32-bit. The computers we sell as part of products to customers are all 32-bit. Most existing software in the windows world is 32-bit that people use in masses. The amount of 64-bit computers to 32-bit computers is probably still low. It is probably lower than the ratio of Linux vs. Windows computers.

Who desires an MS windows partially compatible computer instead of running the real slop is a better question. Hunting down drivers for an imitation windows compared to using the originally installed vendor real Windows implementation is a better option.

You will not be elected to public office this year.

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