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Re: recently started crashing 4 am

On Nov 26, 2007 5:55 PM, Mail List <lists sapience com> wrote:
>     Anyone know what be causing what appears to be something in cron (4 am or
> so) freezing the machine - started happening the last week or so after some
> bout of updates - including kde 3.5.8.
>      After kde update I had to diable knetwork manager which made the machine
> interminably slow for user to login - removing it fixed that problem - nm is
> not runnning.
>        Now it is freezing around 4 am .. any ideas what may be causing this ?
> Its been a happy F7 machine for a long time prior to this ?
>       I could not find any interesting info in log files. Box is not visible
> to internet either.
>       Thanks for any pointers ...
> gene
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Hi Gene!

I think I would look into several things:

1. As Ed has suggested, check out the jobs in cron.

2. If the unit is not on a UPS, see if you can borrow one.  Power
problems can be time related.  For instance, if that is the time a
local farmer chooses to start his irrigation pumps it could cause a
voltage "sag" or spike which makes your computer freeze.

3.  Do a spy ware, virus, and root kit scan.

Good Hunting!


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