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Re: VMWare on Fedora 8

Michael Eager wrote:
Michael Eager wrote:
I've installed F8 on an x86-64 system.  I've installed
the latest VMWare 6.0.2 rpm for x86-64.  I rebuilt and
installed a local copy of kernel so that I
would have a source image for VMWare to build it's kernel
modules with.  The compile of the VMWare modules appears
to be OK.

I've copied an existing VMWare image from another system.
When I start VMWare, it starts OK, but the system hangs
as soon as I tell it to start the guest machine.  There's
nothing useful in the vmware.log or /var/log/messages.

Has anyone run VMWare under F8?  Any tips or pointers?

I was able to get VMWare to run under F8.

I reinstalled F8 without Virtualization options.  Installed
kernel-headers and glibc-headers.  SELinux is set permissive.
Did NOT install -114 or any other patches.

I was finally able to get vmware installed an working. It appears that having the virtualization installed was somehow conflicting with vmware and causing it to lock up the system. Removing virtualization seems to have done the trick.


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