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Re: FC8 dvd upgrade problem

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
david walcroft wrote:
The problem is I get these errors soon after starting the upgrade

"Error mounting device as /dev/scd no such file or directory"

I have a '/dev/scd0'

"Devices in /etc/fstab should be specified by label
not by device name"

My /etc/fstab.


floppy                  /dev/fd0                auto    defaults        0 0
dvd                     /dev/scd                ext3    defaults        0 0

   Thanks  david

Your dvd line in fstab does not make sense. It looks like you are
trying to mount a partition labeled dvd using a mount point of
/dev/scd - this is why you are getting the mounting error. You
should never have mount points in the /dev directory tree! The
floppy entry will also cause you problems.
I have not changed my fstab at anytime.
I am not sure what the fix is, because you do not say how you are
trying to do the upgrade. You may be okay if you delete the floppy
and dvd lines from /etc/fstab and try again. Or you may have to fix
the dvd line to use something like /mnt/dvd instead of /dev/scd, and
create a /mnt/dvd directory to use as a mount point.
I use a dvd to upgrade in graphic mode.
Would an upgrade rewrite my fstab if I delete the floppy & dvd entries.

Thanks   david

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