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Re: Fedora 8 runlevel 3

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On Nov 27, 2007 2:04 PM, John Summerfield <debian herakles homelinux org> wrote:
Seems to me that network manager is far from ready for use, it's causing
too much trouble to too many people.

It is ready for use... for some situations.  This is exactly the
reason why NetworkManager is  NOT turned on by default on the
traditional dvd install media in F8. The legacy network stack is still
the default for the traditional dvd install target.  The Live CD
however is specifically designed for a a much narrower range of usage
cases, where dhcp is expected to be used and NM is turned on by
default there.  You sort of have to admit that the livecd desktop
experience is enhanced by having NM turned on.

I don't have to admit any such thing:-)

Seriously, I have five Linux computers (excluding the wrt54g) that run Linux, have wireless, and don't ordinarily boot to a GUI.

All require, or are likely to require, two or more network interfaces. At one time, I had one other with two ethernet NICs, one wireless (configured as an AP) and one modem on a serial port.

Unless it works without a GUI, even for setup, Network Manager isn't useful to me.

If you did an install using the live cd.. you get NM turned on. If you
used the dvd installer you get the legacy network stack by default.
There is an understanding that NM doesn't have enough features yet to
turn on by default for all uses and so the dvd installer doesn't use
it by default.

But the plan is to turn NM on by default everywhere at some point. So
you should watch NM development and see how the reuse of
pre-configured static settings progresses.

My biggest concern is that we didn't correctly anticipate people
making wide use the livecd as a preferred installation method for
traditional server/workstation installs.  Though if NM static setting
development progresses at pace, the issue may well be moot by F9

Ah well, it's about what I said, but with more detail. Thanks Jef. Or Jeff.



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