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Re: unsubscribe

Tim wrote:
'tis considered extremely bad etiquette to try un-anonymising someone.

John Summerfield:
I've never heard that.

Good grief, it's bloody obvious if you apply a tiny amount of thought to
it.  How stupid does one have to be to not realise that someone who
doesn't identify themselves does not want to be identified?  Try looking

Calm down Tim; if you didn't want to be identified, you've made several mistakes, the most recent biting when I suggested the localhost name. All _I_ knew for certain was where your email entered the Internet.

I did nothing difficult or time-consuming, and if you seriously don't want to be identified, it's not hard to arrange it so that it's not so trivial.

You and I both manage our own mail servers, it's trivial to create an account (as I did), and to configure my name in Seamonkey/Thunderbird/Kmail/Evolution or any other email client to "Kevin Rudd" should I choose.

up general etiquette, then; never mind something specific to e-mail.
You've been around long enough that you ought to know that sort of

I'm more bothered by those who try to hide behind ridiculous pseudonyms.

I do use my real name, just not all of it.  E-mail addresses, the user
account name part (left of the @ sign), are not names.  Or should we
call you "Debian"?

Please yourself, spammers did. I actually created that address to use in connexion with the taroon beta, to protect my more usual email addresses from spammers.

Consider yourself privileged, Debby, ;-) that I let strangers refer to
me by my first name, rather than sir, or mister in front of my surname.

From my viewpoint, how would you describe your attitude now?

Calling me silly names doesn't make you look so good.

It's true you cannot email me at this address any more, but it's done a wonderful job on the spammers;-), and the name is actually the one my parents gave me.


-- spambait

Or is it "John Spambait"?  (Comment not intended to be taken seriously.)


Anyone writing to those addresses is, by definition, a spammer.



-- spambait
1aaaaaaa coco merseine nu  Z1aaaaaaa coco merseine nu
-- Advice

You cannot reply off-list:-)

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