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Re: networkmanager

Kamran Ahmed wrote:

> 1.    Whenever I try to shutdown or restart it comes up with the message
> "System halting" when shutting down and nothing happens, it displays
> "stand by while the system is restartin...." still nothing happens. I just
> get a blinking cursor. Eventually in the end I have to restart or shutdown
> by pressing the power on m PS3 manually.
> 2.    When I try to mount any USB external hard drive, I get a message for
> "Unable to mount", when i check the details it shows that there was an
> improper shutdown/restart. This issue could be in turn related to the
> above issue. Is there any way I could forcefully mount the External USB
> Hard drive.

This doesn't seem to have anything to do with NetworkManager (the title)?

If I had your problem, I would get Knoppix, or a similar Linux-on-a-CD,
and run e2fsck on your partitions (particularly the one with / on it).

Then I would try mounting your USB drive from Knoppix.

> 3.    Thirdly, I do not have an internet connection enabled on my PS3,
> hence I cannot download and install the YUM Updates. Is there any way that
> I can manually download the updates and then install them on fedora 8 ppc.

What do you mean by "manually download"?
Do you mean you have another computer that is connected to the internet?

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